Since launching my service in 2014, I am proud to have had the privilege to work with over 600 clients to date. 

Here are some comments from a few of my clients who succeeded in achieving their dream of becoming police officers:

"One of the most integral aspects of preparing myself for the rigorous police interview process was to utilize the consulting services of Dave Montesano. Prior to doing so, I experienced an unsuccessful interview that lasted for

hours; and unfortunately, I was eliminated from that process. After that disappointing experience, I was referred to Dave for help. He spent time with me, going through every aspect of the interview process. From fundamentals such as body language and tone of voice as well as other complex aspects of the interview process. Dave was able to provide me with the tools to strengthen and solidify examples of  my competencies. After seeing Dave I was able to interview with another agency.  I implemented what Dave had taught  me which led to a successful interview where I was offered a position with a municipal police force. Finally: Dave shows a commitment to his clients by always following up and checking on your progress while providing you with that ongoing support that is required during this rigorous process. If you are looking for solid guidance for your next interview; I highly recommend Dave Montesano" 

"I was referred to Dave by a good friend of mine, and attended a consultation with him. I was immediately blown away with the vast amount of experience that Dave has,  as well as his ability to present his knowledge  and experience in a non-intimidating way. Dave allowed ample time to go over every step in the process , and he addressed any concerns that I had as an applicant. Dave also provides a safe non-judgemental environment  with respect to any disclosure concerns that I had, and I felt completely comfortable talking with him.

Having been in the process for quite some time, I can relate to what Dave states about most applicants knowing only  "parts" of the process based on what they hear from others, and how many applicants do not have an individual plan for success. I was that applicant. However, after consulting with Dave, I found that I had a much better grasp of "the bigger picture" and I was a lot less stressed as a result. The recruitment process is never easy, but after seeing Dave, it became much more bearable. I was eventually hired by a municipal police department in 2015."

"Mr Montesano's knowledge, insight and guidance were instrumental in my success as an applicant. I would highly recommend his services to anyone considering a career in law enforcement."

Don Kirkland is a well respected, and decorated retired member of the Vancouver Police Department. He is currently a personal trainer in Richmond where he trains and tests applicants for the popat, sopat, copat and pare.

Don made the following comments:

"Dave Montesano is thought of as a "Policeman's policeman". He is known as a true professional with vast experience, and down to earth common sense that has earned him the respect of anyone who has worked alongside of him. Dave was a veteran police officer with a long and diverse law enforcement career including patrol, vice unit, recruiting and training. Being unprepared for the police applicant process is really inexcusable when there is a proven road map resource to rely on like Dave Montesano. I have confidently recommended numerous police applicants to Dave because he has proven to be the best at preparing them to successfully complete the law enforcement recruiting process. Dave combines a working knowledge, credible experience

 and an impressive mentoring ability to give an applicant the best opportunity to be successful in the process."